Shrikant Sharma

Group Director
BuroHappold Engineering

Subject: People Centred Design: Preparing for the future beyond Covid-19

Shrikant leads the Analytics services at Buro Happold. He has over 15 years' experience in using real time data analytics and predictive modelling to optimise design and operations of workplaces, campuses, airports, museums, theatres, stadia and urban spaces.

Shrikant is actively engaged in the advancement of analytics products integrated with IoT sensors to provide live performance monitoring, 'day in life' modelling, and what-if scenario planning that empowers the key decision makers to maximise the economic, operational, and customer experience based outcomes.

Shrikant will be presenting in the Big Data & Predictive Analytics at the conference on Day 2 alongside Dev Amratia. Click here to view the sessions taking place.

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