Augmented & Virtual Reality


Keeping a focused eye on the future is essential when it comes to construction, as more advancements are made to both virtual and augmented reality technology and software.

Augmented Reality (AR) has a wealth of design and construction uses beyond visualisation. It can be used for design analysis to pick out clashes by virtually walking through a completed model. It fits the bill for constructability review by letting the architect and contractor collaborate on changes that must happen between design and construction due to constructability issues. It can even assist with prefabrication of building components. In the built environment this technology can even help mechanics or engineers trying to identify problems with complex pieces of equipment and the 3D modelling of blueprints. These can be viewed via mobile devices, with an overlay of information hovering over in real time. Companies are now using AR to demonstrate products and product options to potential customers using different scenarios.

Virtual Reality (VR) an artificial computer-generated simulation of an environment, has transformed the way that architects present their vision by placing the user directly inside the ‘virtual’ environment. It immerses the user by making them feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality first-hand, allowing clients to play an integral part of the design process and enter the building and validate the layout. As well as being used for sharing designs and building information modelling (BIM) data with clients, virtual reality can also be used to simulate real world situations and scenarios, such as providing workers with virtual experience and training prior to entering a construction site. In the longer-term, it is understood that VR will be used for 3D imaging and long-distance wireless transmission. VR is only going to improve and become more readily accessible, so it can only be advantageous to be considered a pioneer of this exciting and new technology.

How can augmented and virtual reality technology eliminate miscommunication between construction professionals, designers and their clients? Find out on Day 1 from: 

> Richard Fletcher, Regional Business Director - Trimble
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